Are There Affordable Hotels in Sydney?

Sydney CBD at night from Darling Harbour

People travelling to Sydney can find affordable hotel accommodation, including Sydney CBD.

Like many big cities in today’s economy, Sydney’s accommodation options have had to start towing the line. These days, people simply cannot afford to splash out on accommodation as they did before and so with nobody spending the money, the hotels have no choice but to knock their prices down a bit, or a lot. Not too much as they do have a business to run and those places that advertise rooms for a dollar a night are best left alone.

Eeven the five star hotels are feeling the pinch and have, very grudgingly, started lowering their room rates and offering discounts and coupons to potential customers. So it does beg the question ………. where do you locate the most affordable hotels in Sydney?

This kind of behavior would probably shock the hotels’ founders as they only catered to the extremely rich and extremely snobby back in the heyday but now, with the gap closing and everyone feeling the pinch, a deal has to be offered to keep the guests coming back.

Despite some of the bigger hotel chains putting their foot down and refusing in their decades old way to lower their standards and reputation and risk upsetting their richer clients who have massive expense account and wouldn’t blink at a $5,000 per person, per night room, there are many affordable 5 star hotels in Sydney who prefer to stay in business by keeping their standards high and getting the guests in.

This is the better way to do business, keep the working classes coming back rather than the fickle rich who could probably afford to buy the hotel if they so wished.

Keeping the rates affordable is the only way hotels are ever going to keep in business because they are slowly but surely losing their business to another market that’s growing out there: The furnished property market.

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Where is the Best Family Entertainment in Sydney?

view of Sydney Opera House taken from Taronga Zoo

Family entertainment surrounds Sydney Harbour including Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay.

Sydney, being a metropolis of Australian culture and values, is a city that is friendly, welcoming and an all round fun place to visit. If you’re taking your family to Sydney, whether for a domestic weekend or an international holiday, there are plenty of sights and events to keep you and your family entertained for days.

Sydney is an extremely lively city and first timers are sometimes a little daunted and are overwhelmed by all the things to do. Many international tourists believe that there are only two attractions in Sydney: the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. That’s like saying the only thing to see in London is Big Ben and in New York, the statue of Liberty or in Amsterdam the canals.

Sydney is filled with family friendly fun and entertainment and there is plenty for the kids to enjoy. Sydney’s proximity to the water makes it an ideal family friendly location and as a result, many of the fun things to do can be done in the bays and harbours of Sydney.

One such thing to do is Attack of the Pirates, this is a spectacular show that is a Pirate lover’s dream as actors take on the role of Pirates on the high seas and you are transported in a faithful replica of an ancient Pirate ship across Sydney harbour.

The show lasts about an hour and departs from Campbell’s Cove in the historic Rocks area of downtown Sydney. During the show a story plays out, the story is one you’d expect from a typical Pirate adventure: Treasure hunting, an unscrupulous crew and a captain that’s losing control of his ship all blended together with plenty of swordfights, stunts, cannon fire and shivering timbers. The show incorporates plenty of humour and kids will love the interaction they get with the pirate crew. There’s also a mast climb that is only available for adults so if you feel like showing off for your kids, then there’s no better place to do it then on a Pirate ship.

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Are Flights Between Hobart and Sydney Popular?

Sydney harbour Bridge reflecting the lights on the harbour at night

Flights from Hobart to Sydney are popular for many reasons, the Sydney Harbour Bridge being one of them.

You might think that with most Australian cities being former Penal Colonies, they wouldn’t be very nice places to visit. This is most definitely not the case and that is ancient history to many of its citizens, especially those of Hobart on the island state of Tasmania.

Hobart was founded in 1804 as a Penal colony but has since grown to be the state capital and most populous city on the island state of Tasmania, with a population of 216,000 people, Hobart is also a major hub of many international Antarctica expeditions, with many teams from around the world. France has a permanent team stationed there for forays into the Southern ocean and the Antarctic territory.

Hobart is also home to Australia’s oldest theatre, the Theatre Royal and its Central Business District is an important part of Australia’s economic wellbeing. Another stunning backdrop to Hobart is Mount Wellington and Hobart is regularly described as being nestled in the foothills of Wellington and this adds to the allure for many visitors, both domestic and international. Another feature is the Tasman bridge, which bridges the city’s two shores and can be seen from many locations.

The state of Tasmania itself is the largest of Australia’s islands and is home to the Tasmanian Devil, which are much cuter than the cartoon version you may have seen. Sydney, on the other hand, is well known to many in the world as a major Australian city and has a great reputation amongst travellers for its laid back lifestyle. Also, Sydney’s historical standing as the first colony the British settled on Australian soil ensures that history buffs are always attracted to this beautiful harbor city. With a population of well over 4 million residents, Sydney continues to grow and attract many visitors to its stunning vistas and cultural atmosphere.

But are flights between Hobart and Sydney popular? Sydney airport has nearly 500 thousand passengers heading to and coming from Hobart every year and is the eighth busiest domestic route. It may not be as popular a route as the one between Melbourne and Sydney is but it’s still enough passengers to warrant a closer look. I imagine that many citizens of Hobart who are looking to get out of the city and off the island either choose Melbourne or Sydney as their destination, since they are the closest mainland cities to Hobart. At Hobart airport, Melbourne comes in as the number one busiest domestic route while Sydney is number two. Since 1998, there’s been a steady increase in the visitor numbers to Hobart on the domestic route.

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What I am Thinking on My Flight to Australia

Sydney harbour view from Circular Quay

Amongst other things when pondering on your visit to Australia, one sure thought will be Sydney harbour.

Booking a flight to Australia, or “Oz” as it’s known in many parts of the world, is both a terrifying and exciting experience. Why? Well, for a start, coming from London it’s a long way, the other side of the world, across the great divide of the equator. It’s too much for some people. The other thing about it being terrifying is that if you’ve never been, you don’t know what to expect. Friends may tell you one thing, then you’ll hear another. You may also be under the impression that, due to Australia being in the Southern hemisphere, the toilets flush Counter-clockwise to the clockwise direction in the Northern hemisphere. It’s a false, often repeated urban legend. A phenomenon said to be driven by the contrasting effects of the earth’s rotation upon the northern vs. the southern hemispheres which is known as the Coriolis effect. This effect is negligible on something as small as a toilet, though. The toilet is going to flush clockwise unless the toilet designers have designed it to flush the other way, which many of them may do now due to the legend.

But enough of the toilets talk, you have completed your research and read up on advice and information from such travel sites as, it is now on to the plane we go. A good idea when on a long plane trip such as the almost 18 hour flight to Australia is that when you are on the plane, try to get up and walk down the Aisle as much as you can. This is how you can diminish the chances of Deep Vein Thrombosis which is caused by too much inactivity in the legs, particularly in overweight people. I know 18 hours is a very long time to be up in the air and in a pressured environment but the thought of almost a day’s travel and then getting off in the distant land of Australia is a very exciting one. Another thing you might worry about on an international flight to Australia is if you’re going to be allowed in to the country. This is a common concern for many travellers these days and all travellers are required to procure a Visa before travelling to Australia. This excludes New Zealand citizens, who have a special arrangement with the Australian government. The most common visa to get is the Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) which is similar to the Visa Waiver Program of the United States.

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Where Do You Find Deals on Apartment Accommodation in Sydney?

self contained kitchen in Sydney furnished apartment

Locate everything you need and want when renting apartment accommodation in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney is a city that has many accommodation options, and the choices are vast and varied. Many people want to book hotels as that seems the easiest route to go and don’t realise that there is another option: Furnished Apartments. When visiting Sydney, you want to be assured of the best accommodation for you and your family.

This is essential as if you have a large family who are used to staying together it can be quite a chore to book hotel rooms when you have many children to consider and it could end up being more costly to find a hotel in the area you want to be in.

There’s transport to consider, although Sydney has an excellent public transport system. If you are not looking forward to booking a hotel, then a furnished apartment might be just what you need. These apartments can be a small one bedroom affair or spacious with up to four bedrooms and are situated in many locations throughout Sydney, including areas such as: Balmain, Darlinghurst, Glebe, North Sydney and the Sydney Central Business District.

Furnished Properties Pty Ltd are a company that specialise in Sydney apartment accommodation, furnished apartments, serviced apartments and executive rentals. They have properties all over Sydney and they range in all shapes and sizes and, of course, prices. North Sydney has some fantastic apartments that are great for families, North Sydney can be accessed from the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and via a ferry service.

There are also some beautiful and quiet beaches along the coastline that are perfect for a family picnic if you prefer a quieter atmosphere. The apartments and houses are amid a more commercial district in North Sydney but there is plenty of scenery to balance out nature and industry. Additionally, Northern Sydney’s North Ryde district boasts some classic architecture in the apartments there. Most of the apartments have three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and are only a short drive to shopping centres and restaurants, café’s and bars. All the options are on so visit and have a look around to see what you can find.

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How Many Daily Flights from Sydney to Melbourne.

Sydney CBD and harbour

Domestic flights from all corners arrive into the harbour city of Sydney at all times during the day and night.

The only way to travel across a large continent like Australia is by flying. It’s quick, it’s easy and there are many cheap discounts and deals you can find if you search online. Usually the travelled routes are the ones between the major cities such as Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney. Many people travel on domestic flights from Sydney to Melbourne and vice versa, it’s a well travelled route and the busiest domestic route in Australia.

The flights between these cities are frequent, almost like a bus service. This is due to the amount of business that is conducted in each of the cities and the necessity of having the business people travel between them. Sydney and Melbourne are the two most popular cities in Australia and are very well known around the world.

Sydney is known for it’s iconic image of the Harbour bridge and the Sydney Opera House, it also has some wonderful parks and recreation areas where anyone can admire Sydney’s wonderful architecture. Sydney is distinctive as being the first British colony on Australian soil.

Melbourne is equally as famous for its rich, cultural history as Sydney. In the 1850s, shortly after Melbourne had been settled, there was a gold rush in the state of Victoria and this brought in thousands of immigrants hoping to make their fortune. Although the gold dried up, Melbourne didn’t and today is a flourishing city with many attractions such as Federation Square, which is a popular place to meet, Queen Victoria Market, where one can buy all manner of fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood along with all kinds of other items.

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What Accommodation to Book for a Sydney Holiday

furnished apartment living room

A furnished rental apartment for short or long term lease could be an option for your Sydney accommodation needs.

When booking a holiday in Sydney, one of the most important factors is the location of your accommodation. Most people who book a holiday have specific thing they’re looking forward to doing on their holiday, whether it be getting a suntan on one of Sydney’s golden beaches, checking out the incomparable surf on one of those beaches, taking a stroll around Sydney’s magnificent downtown area and marveling at all its wonderful architecture or, if you are a creature of the night, then Sydney has some of the best bars and restaurants in the world.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Sydney, that’s the only hard decision you’ll have on your holiday is deciding which activity to do first.

Whatever you want to do on your Sydney holiday, you’ll surely not be wanting to stay too far from it and you have many options for accommodation available. If you are on a tight budget and travelling with friends, that’s not a problem in Sydney as there are many hostels and hotels that are cheap and clean and are in suitable locations in Sydney. Many of these are located close to the Central Business District of Sydney due to the nightlife that attracts so many of the city dwellers.

If you prefer the waves of the surf to the pavement, then there are hostels and hotels that are located close to many of Sydney’s iconic beaches such as Bondi and Coogee, where you can surf and enjoy excellent swimming conditions, you must be careful to avoid going out too far though for fear of Sharks. All Sydney beaches are equipped with shark sirens and the horizon is constantly monitored for signs of shark activity.

It is best to be on the safe side, though when you are swimming or surfing. If you just like to lay in the sun all day then Sydney is the place to do that too, providing you don’t lay out too long.

Another option for accommodation in Sydney is rental apartments. These can also come in the form of a fully fitted and furnished apartment or house such as the properties offered by Furnished Properties. Rental apartments and houses are very handy if you are going on holiday with a large group of friends and are on a limited budget since rental, fully furnished apartments and houses have privacy and some are even located right next to the beach, so if you and your friends are mad for surfing, this is a viable option. Also, there are plenty of apartments that are in or close to the Central Business District of Sydney.

Due to space though, many of these apartments may be studio apartments and as such, not suitable for more than 2 people, if you have a large group of friends, then it is more likely you will find a suitable apartment further afield in Sydney and maybe not as close to your ultimate location as you would prefer.

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The Search for Deals on Sydney Flights Online

The title might suggest that it’s a never ending search, but it isn’t. Searching for deals on Sydney flights online is easier than you think with such websites as Sydney Flights Accommodation. When you book a flight today, you have a lot of choices on which airline to fly with, it seems airlines pop up like fast food establishments these days and they’re all offering a better deal than the next company. So which one do you choose?

Sydney harbour view from Circular Quay

Amongst other things when pondering on your visit to Australia, one sure thought will be Sydney harbour.

Decisions like these can’t be taken lightly if you are on a tight budget and absolutely must find that perfect deal on airfare to Sydney. Sydney is a city that is like no other in Australia, it has many truly beautiful buildings that make up its skyline, which is the largest in Australia.

Sydney’s Central Business District is Australia’s most important financial centre and contains many of Australia’s tallest skyscrapers, these include Governor Phillip Tower, named for New South Wales’ first governor Arthur Philip, the MLC Centre and the World Tower. This financial district is modelled after the city in London and is similar to lower Manhattan. But this is only one of Sydney’s districts.

It has a fantastic waterfront with a gorgeous harbour that has a wonderful Bridge that was completed and opened in 1932. The Harbour Bridge crosses from the Sydney CBD to the North Shore and makes for a stunning view of the harbour. One of the views you get is the architectural magnificence that is the Sydney Opera House. The opera house is not just one building, it’s a collection of many venues that ultimately make it one of the busiest venues in the performing arts world. Interestingly, Sydney has also been the location of many Bollywood film shoots.

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